Dr. Alexander Steinbrecher – Conflict Resolution, Machine Learning & A Vision of the Future

March 15, 2021

Dr. Alexander Steinbrecher began his in-house career at Bombardier Transportation by designing a software-based conflict management system. Headquartered in Berlin, his team leads legal M&A, corporate affairs, supports IS and IT on a global scale, supports global procurement contracts, and is involved in legal affairs such as antitrust, data privacy, real estate and supporting corporate finance. He and his team played a key role in the recently completed sale of Bombardier Transportation to Alstom forming the largest global player in the rail industry.


In this episode of Diploma-C, we sit down with Alexander to learn about his extensive experience with conflict resolution in M&A, explore his perspective on machine learning and the applications of artificial intelligence in transactions and discuss the three key tenets of his vision for a post-COVID-19 future.

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